2016 Holidays Plan of Rital

This is the holidays plan for the upcoming holidays. All the members need to refer to 2016 years the holiday arrangement timeline reasonable arrangement,your own life is happy holidays, facilitate with morepassion in to work.

Chinese New Year
Feb.18 to Feb.24: 7 days Holiday,Feb.15(Sunday) on work

Tomb-Sweeping Day
Apr.4th to Apr. 6th: 3 Days Holiday

Labor Day
May 1st to May 3rd:3 days Holiday, May 4th (Sunday)on work

Dragon Boat Day
June 20tht to June 21st: 3 days holiday

Mid-Autumn Day
Sep.6th to Sep. 27th: 3 days holiday

National Day
Oct.1st to Oct. 7th: 7 days Holiday,Sep.28th (Sunday), Oct.11th (Saturday)on work

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Date: 2016.1.1