Hebei Rital Metal Products Co., Ltd. is the one of earliest factories to make Baffle Filter for the Commercial Hood. We have the proven technique to control the cost and ensure the high grade quality. The cost, quality and service have been approved by our customers. The main market of Rital Baffle Filter is North America, England,Spain,etc.

Technology: It is made by Stainless Steel Sheet,Aluminum Sheet,Metal Sheet,etc.
Finish: Electrolytic polishing, anodic oxidation or galvanization.
Specification: According to the customer’s drawing and requirement.
Characteristic: Durable and practical; good aeration and reducing the damage degree of the blower.
Purpose: It used as commercial kitchen hood baffle filters to filter grease and make the air clean.

Common Size: 

12 x 12” 11½ x 11½
12 x 16” 11½ x 15½
12 x 20” 11½ x 19½
12 x 25” 11½ x 24½
16 x 16” 15½ x 15½
16 x 20” 15½ x 19½
16 x 25” 15½ x 24½
20 x 20” 19½ x 19½
20 x 25” 19½ x 24½
25 x 25” 24½ x 24½
Other Sizes are available

www.rital-china.com           www.rital-china.com

Stainless Steel Baffle Filter RTBF-001                                    Stainless Steel Baffle Filter RTBF-002

www.rital-china.com           www.rital-china.com

Stainless Steel Baffle Filter RTBF-003                                          Galvanized Baffle Filter RTBF-004

www.rital-china.com           www.rital-china.com

Stainless Steel Baffle Filter RTBF-005                                    Stainless Steel Baffle Filter RTBF-006