Lab Breeding Cages

We,Hebei Rital Metal Products Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacture to make Lab Breeding Cages. We can produce a set of lab breeding cages,include box,bottle,stainless steel lid.From the material choose to assemble,we make the inspection strictly. We have the proven technique to control the cost and ensure the high grade quality. The cost, quality and service have been approved by our customers.Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get the catalog or you can download from the catalog download page.
Technology: The lid is made by stainless steel 304 wire through cutting,rolling,bending and welding.The box and bottle is made by polypropylene.
Finish: Electrolytic polishing.
Specification: 290x180x160mm,320x215x170mm,370x260x170mm,460x315x220mm,545x395x200mm,other size can be custome-made.
Characteristic: Various style,beautiful and practical, firm welding.
Purpose: Use as Laboratory Rodent Breeding Cages.

Lab Breeding Cages Lid RTBC-001 Lab Breeding Cages Lid RTBC-002

Lab Breeding Cages Set RTBC-002 Lab Breeding Cages Set RTBC-004

Products Packing RTBC-005 Lab Breeding Cages Set RTBC-006