Why to choose Rital Baffle Filter

Rital Industrial Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacture of Baffle Filter. Choose RITAL Baffle Filter that mean to choose high quality Stainless Steel Baffle Grease Filters for use in commercial kitchens and ventilation from food preparation areas. The main function of Baffle Filter is to separate grease from the air being extracted which also reduces the risk of fire in the kitchen and acts as a barrier should flame reach the extraction canopy.

The Baffle Filter accomplishes this through its design of interlocking baffles which provide a turning route for the passage of air through the filter by creating two acute air direction changes. The grease droplets, having a far greater inertial force than air, impact the baffles ‘blades’ and stick to the steel.

Baffle Filter is available in Stainless Steel baffle filter, Brushed Stainless Steel baffle filter or Galvanized Steel baffle filter. Each blade of the Baffle Grease filter overlaps the opposite one to provide a tortuous path for the grease laden air. The grease drains from the blades into a collection tray located in the main canopy.

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